Kuala Lumpur: An Intersection of Rich Culture and Modern Living

When you visit Kuala Lumpur, there are things which you need to know in order to appreciate and enjoy your trip even more.

Kuala Lumpur: A Short Info

Considered as the capital and most populous city in Malaysia, this particular city has an estimated population, as of 2012, of about 1.6 million; it covers an area of 243 km2.

The city is known to be one of the fastest growing cities in Malaysia. It is also known as the youngest capital city in Southeast Asia which was established in the mid-1800s.

Modern Living and Traditional Culture

Copious people visit the city every year. With what the city can offer, anyone can surely have a great time. However, what makes Kuala Lumpur an interesting city is its modern living yet there has always been a trace of rich culture due to the presence of temples in the city. You may consider visiting Thean Hou Temple. Inside, you can find Buddha images and other things which manifest the respect and faith of the local people to their religion.

On the other hand, the city is also considered as the most pro high-tech business center in Asia. Modern buildings and skyscrapers have invaded the city. One of the newest airports is also found here, which offers everyday flights. This way, it has made easier for anyone to do business in the city. Indeed, the city has been invaded by modernization yet it is very evident that the local people value their tradition and culture.

Kuala Lumpur: Best Things to See and Do

When you visit Kuala Lumpur, there are wonderful and fun-filled things you can do:

1. Petronas Twin Towers – Never leave the city without seeing the world’s tallest twin structures. Standing 452 meters high, you can walk across the Skybridge situated at the 47th floor. This famous structure is the corporate office of the Petronas company and other business offices.

2. Central Market – Also known as Pasar Seni, it is home to boutiques and souvenir shops. Here, you can find various Thai products which you can purchase at reasonable prices. It has been a popular tourist destination in the city.

3. Kuala Lumpur Bird Park – This famous tourist destination is also known as Taman Burung Kuala Lumpur. It started providing entertainment to the public since 1991. It showcases 200 species of birds with its population of 3,000 birds.

4. Batu Caves – This famous destination has been attracting copious travelers and worshippers every year. It is a limestone hill which is composed of three main caves.

5. Menara KL Tower – This has been one of the most recognizable landmarks in the city. With its architectural style and designs, this famous landmark represents Malaysia’s Islamic faith.

When you travel to this particular city, you don’t have to be worried about finding a great accommodation. Hotels and apartments are all over the city, with rates that suit any type of budget.

Kuala Lumpur is indeed a perfect place to unwind and witness modern living and rich tradition and culture.

Creating a Business Plan for Clothing Store to Set You Apart From Others

Starting a clothing store is a serious business venture. It might mean having to leave your job, which has provided you with steady income for the most part of your life. A business like a clothing boutique requires your full attention if you want to keep it afloat for a long, long time. Despite the fact that there are already thousands of clothing stores in existence, it is never too late to start your own as long as you have a business plan for clothing store that can effectively produce good results.

A skilled business operator does not just dive in head first in untested waters. Experience is an essential factor in running a clothing boutique. While having an interest in fashion is an advantage, it is not enough to get you ahead of your competition. You need to have knowledge and experience to keep your business running smoothly. You can attend merchandising classes to prepare you in facing the many challenges ahead. It would also help immensely if you have had job experiences in the past relating to retail that enables you to develop a keen business sense.

Owning a business is not without risks. Your business plan for clothing store should cover those risks so that you will not be caught off guard when you hit a few snags along the way. There is always the possibility that your store will fail to produce the kind of returns you were expecting. It gets even worse if your financial stability depends on it. For this reason, you should always prepare for those risks and ensure that you are well protected. The good thing about a clothing boutique being managed properly is that it is possible to make a lot of money in just a short time so you are financially covered when your business experiences some lulls.

To have a successful business, you need to believe in it. Do not open a clothing boutique just because it is the most popular business of the era.  You should be passionate enough so that you will be able to handle the pressure. There will be times when your commitment to your business will put to the test. If you lack dedication, you will certainly lose interest. This is when you need to take on an aggressive approach to keep your business alive. An effective marketing should be a major part of your business plan for clothing store. Learn how to set your clothing boutique apart from others. When you do, it is even possible to get head to head with other known and more successful clothing store owners, as long as you pay attention to the most important factors and accomplish each one of them.

Houston Apartments In West U Offer Locals Amazing Nightlife, Shopping And Dining Experiences

The area surrounding Rice Village is one of Houston’s most prestigious and best-known shopping areas and it’s a favorite of both Houston locals and visitors alike. Whether you live nearby in apartments in Rice Village, in the surrounding suburbs or you’re just a visitor, make sure to check out the shopping, restaurants and nightclubs that are located throughout the 16 block neighborhood.

Find Locally Owned And Nationally Recognized Shopping

If you love to shop, this area is for you. There are a number of nationally recognized chains, such as The Gap, Victoria’s Secret, Ann Taylor, Pier 1 Imports and Eddie Bauer Home, however there are quite a few locally owned, trendy boutiques as well. While the shop directory is ever changing, some of the locally owned stores include Elegance Boutique, Rice Village Diamonds, Village Gifts & Jewelry and Paula Fridkin Designs. With over 300 different stores, there’s sure to be something for you, no matter what you’re looking for or whatever your personal style is.

Grab A Quick Bite Or Sit Down For A Fancy Meal

Some of the city’s best restaurants are just steps away from apartments in West U. It’s possible to grab a quick bite to eat at the Brown Bag Deli, Buffalo Wild Wings or the Two Rows Restaurant and Brewery. However, if you’re planning a special occasion that calls for something a little more spectacular, consider Nit Noi Thai Restaurant, Shiva Indian Restaurant, Kubo’s Sushi Bar and Grill or El Meson. If you’re looking for a beverage for a quick pick me up, head over to Starbucks, Mojo Coffee House, CafĂ© Bubble Tea, Jamba Juice or Crossroads Coffee. If a sweet treat is calling your name, you can pay a visit to Baskin Robbins, Chocolat du Monde, Cold Stone Creamery, Cookie Bouquet or TCBY.

Experience The Nightlife

Whether you’re looking to relax at the Ovations jazz club or want to sit back with a specialty beer and some friends at the Ginger Man, the Kelvin Arms Scottish Pub or Brian O’Neill’s Irish Pub, there are a number of options in Rice Village. If you’re looking for an evening of dancing, consider spending some time at the GATSBY Social Club.

How To Find The Best Apartments In Rice Village

Once someone visits the area, they nearly always want to stay. However, the prestigious location can come with a high price tag if you were to try to purchase a home. This means that many people prefer to rent apartments in Rice Village so they can truly experience everything offered at an affordable monthly rate. Many of the apartments in West U have been under construction within the last year and these new apartments in Houston, TX offer a number of amenities that renters are looking for such as gorgeous hardwood floors, granite countertops, walk in closets, garden style tubs and community pools and fitness centers.

The area surrounding apartments in West U is one of the city’s most beloved and once you visit, it’s easy to see why. If you’re considering living here, do a little research to make sure you find the best apartments in Houston, TX.